Easiest way to Automate Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

Easiest way to automate your Behavior Driven Development(BDD) is to use NoCodeBDD. In this blog, we will show you how it can be done step by step:

If you haven’t installed NoCodeBDD, click here to download a Free version by clicking https://nocodebdd.com/download. Installation process is self explanatory. However, If you need any support refer to www.nocodebdd.com/installing-nocodebdd

Step 1: Create a Feature file

Creating a Feature in NoCodeBDD is as simple as entering text in any text editor. Simply click on the Feature description box and enter the Feature description and press Enter key or + button next to the Feature description as shown in the gif below

Step 2: Create Scenario

After entering a Feature, your cursor will be automatically placed in Scenario description text box. Simply enter the scenario description and press Enter key or + button next to the Scenario description as shown in the gif below

Step 3: Create Steps

After entering Scenario, your cursor will be automatically placed in Step description text box. Enter the Step you want to create and press Enter key or + button next to the Step description as shown in the gif below. All Steps should start with one of the Gherkin keywords i.e. Given, When, Then and And

Step 4: Create Step Definition to call an API

To automate the feature you just created as part of your Behavior Driven Development(BDD), simply click the burger button (the three horizontal lines left side of the step description) and click on Step Definition then click on “New Step Definition” then select REST and press Next, then select “Send API Request” and press Next. In “Add API Request” page, enter all required details, that you would enter in one of the REST Client like postman or other REST API clients, to call an API.

All these steps are shown the GIF given below:

Step 5: Run your Automated Feature

To run the Automated Step, you created in Step 4, click on Run menu at the top and press Play button as shown in GIF below. You can also press “i” button to view further information like what API is called, what request is passed in including Header details and Response is received.

Hurray! You have just automated your Behavior Driven Development (BDD) in minutes instead of spending hours writing code. It literally took us less than 2 minutes to implement the above given example and our mission is to automate BDDs in minutes. There are several features in NoCodeBDD through which you can automate even the complex features with ease.

Our mission is to increase the speed of automating Behavior Driven Development(BDD) by 10x and without writing any code so Developers and QAs can spend more time on on delivering solution for their business without having to compromise on quality. You can take part in this mission, by sharing your feedback/ideas by simply emailing contact@nocodebdd.com

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